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Farewell to Dr Davy who retires on the 31st December 2020 Posted on 1 Dec 2020

“Dr Davy – Room 31”

At the end of December I shall be retiring fully. In these strange times we find ourselves in it is with great regret that I will not be able to say farewell in person to many of you I have been fortunate enough to know & care for over the last 20 years. Thank you for the warmth you have shown me & making what started off as a vocation into a life enhancing experience. I leave you in the hands of the best team I have had the privilege to be part of – initially colleagues but now valued friends. I shall miss you all.

As a final prescription I leave you with what best sums up what I’ve learnt practising medicine - ; and a bit more fibre in the diet never goes amiss.

As they used to say after the cartoons “That’s All Folks!”

Keep safe.


Dr Robin Davy 

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